A faint positive and then a period

So I managed to wait until 9 days PO and I decided that I was going to test. I knew the chances of getting an accurate reading would be low, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything else and I thought that by testing, no matter what the result, it would put my mind at ease.

Well, I tested and the results were inconclusive. A faint line appeared on my test, meaning that it was possibly positive. I surprised myself with how I handled it, I didn’t let my hopes for a positive result run away with me and instead I reasoned that it may have been an evaporation line. So I decided that I’d wait a few days and test again so that I’d get a clearer result. It certainly gave me a lot of hope seeing that faint line, even if it was an evap line, it seemed to me that we were going to be one of those lucky few for whom IUI worked first time.

That’s where it all went wrong. For the first time in over a year (June 2016 to be exact), my period arrived early. At 10 days PO I noticed a spot of blood – Because it was so light to start with, I almost convinced myself that it might have been implantation bleeding. Well it wasn’t, my period arrived in full force the next day and that meant it hadn’t worked.

I don’t know if that faint line was a chemical pregnancy (meaning a fertilised egg which didn’t implant) or if it was just a faulty test and I’m not sure if I want to know. I was certainly frustrated that my period started early. Hayley and I were both a bit upset that it didn’t work and we allowed ourselves that time to feel disappointed before we picked ourselves up to start trying again.

So what now?

Now we’re back to step 1 again with IUI treatment. I go in for a scan on the 31st to check that I’m ovulating and that my womb lining looks good, then we’ll know when to give me a trigger shot and start the waiting all over again. In a way, I think this time will be much more relaxing as I’ll know what to expect and I’ll know not to read too much into ‘symptoms’ during the TWW.

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