Back in the two week wait

So I went back to the clinic on CD19 and by some miracle, my lining and follicle had grown really nicely and the clinic recommended triggering that day ready for insemination 2 days later. I was pretty up front about my concerns with there not being enough time afterwards to allow for implantation and they agreed that I could use progesterone to delay my period and help encourage implantation.

Wednesday night (CD19) at 8pm I had to inject myself with the HCG trigger shot – this was pretty stressful last time because I had to do it on my own and I was so concerned about getting it wrong. This time, I had Hayley there to help. Hayley has just finished a PhD where she’s been working in a lab prepping lots of syringes, so she was able to sort it all really quickly for me. Although her absolute hatred of injections meant she had to leave the room when I gave myself the shot!

CD21 came around and we were back at the clinic for a prompt 12pm round of IUI. I love the clinic we’ve chosen to go to, they always make us feel so comfortable and welcomed when we’re there. This time was no different, Hayley and I were laughing the entire time – we were giggling at the early Christmas music on the radio and laughing about plans for the weekend. The whole atmosphere made us feel so relaxed in what could be a fairly stressful situation.

Then came the insemination process. I hated this part last time because it hurt so much the first and quite honestly it hurt this time too, but it did hurt less than before – so I’m going to count that as a positive. The clinic even gave us a picture this time of the tube releasing the sperm in my womb, it’s lovely to think that if it does work this month, we’ve got a picture to capture the moment.

So now I’m 3 days post IUI and feeling much calmer than last month. Also, the progesterone tablets mean that I can’t spot symptoms as the tablets themselves mimic signs of pregnancy. This has actually been a nice relief – it means that there’s nothing I can do or look out for that will tell me one way or the other. The only thing to do now is wait until the 24th November 2017 to test. 11 days to go – wish me luck!

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