Cycle two

It’s been a bit of an odd cycle this month, everything has felt slightly later than usual and I don’t have a good feeling about the treatment. After starting my period earlier than usual last month, everything seems to have stretched itself out this month.

I went for an IUI scan on cycle day 12 and there appeared to be no signs of ovulation at all. My lining was still only at 2.5 mm (ideally I want above 7mm) and there were no growing follicles. Whilst I wasn’t much further along at day 12 last month, I was at least in a better place than this! I went back on day 14 and it seemed a little better, my lining had grown to 3.5mm and a follicle from my left ovary had started to grow and was at 11mm (ideally I need about 18mm). But this meant that I still wasn’t ready to trigger ovulation. So I went back on day 17 for another scan.

My day 17 scan was better, my lining was 5.5mm and the follicle was measuring at 14mm. So there has been some slow growth and it’s looking better. I’m still not at a point where I can do a trigger shot though.

So I’m going back in for another scan tomorrow – day 19. I’m hoping that the scan will show that I’m ready to trigger, I’m religiously taking ovulation tests just in case I miss the surge, but I think day 19 will be the earliest I’m ready.

The trouble is, that according to my period tracker, I’ve got 12 days until my period arrives. So if I trigger tomorrow and undergo IUI 2 days after that, I’ll only have 9 days until my period should arrive. I just feel like that won’t be enough time for implantation and I’m just wasting my money on this try.

I did raise my concerns with the clinic, but they think I’m having a longer cycle and that my period won’t arrive when my tracker estimates it will. I hope they’re right, but like I said at the start, I don’t have a good feeling about this round of IUI.

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