3rd time’s a charm?

Well as predicted, last months treatment didn’t work. I wasn’t surprised and honestly it wasn’t that upsetting. Nothing really felt right about last month, it took a while to get to the stage where my lining was thick enough and my follicles were barely at the minimum requirement when I triggered. So when the pregnancy test was negative, neither Hayley nor I were surprised. We knew that it just wasn’t our month.

But we’re back trying again this month. There are many positives of trying for a baby in December;

  1. If it works this month, our baby would be born in September and would be amongst the oldest in their school year rather than the youngest.
  2. I love Christmas! I love winter, I love the festivities and I love buying gifts for my family and friends. The two week wait should be easy this month as there will plenty of things to distract myself with.
  3. I don’t need another excuse to take it easy and cosy up infront of the fire with a good book or board game, but I’ll certainly take it. IUI means I’ve got a great excuse to enjoy some of my favourite wintery relaxing activities.

So I’m choosing to focus on the positives of trying for a baby in December and I’m staunchly ignoring the fact that I can’t indulge with some of my favourite cheeses during the two week wait!

I’m now on cycle day 11, if previous months are anything to go by, I’ll probably go in for insemination around the 11th (which would make test day, Christmas day).

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