2 days to go

Well this month has felt much better than last month! I just went for another scan and my lining was the thickest it’s ever been and my follicle was a really nice size. The nurse thought my lining looked great, the pattern was exactly what you’d expect to see and everything looks ready to trigger ovulation.

So I’ll be triggering at 14:30 this afternoon, ready for treatment on Saturday at 10:30. That works out really nicely for us as we have a busy but relaxing weekend which will definitely help take our minds off the treatment.

This weekend we’re visiting a friends house for an early Christmas celebration. We’ll be there all weekend (the dog gets to come along too) and we’re planning to play lots of board games and eat lots of wonderful food. I think this will be a great distraction for us and a lovely way to relax after the IUI.

We also had a lovely conversation with the nurse who explained that our odds of concieving statistically improve each attempt. So all in all we’re feeling much more positive about this cycle.

Fingers crossed for the third attempt!

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