2 days post IUI

Saturday morning Hayley and I headed to the clinic, dressed in our finest Christmas jumpers and bringing a box of chocolates to say Merry Christmas to the lovely doctors and nurses working at the fertility clinic. They do such a great job of putting us at ease and explaining every part of the process and we just wanted to say thank you, especially around Christmas.

Normally I find the IUI process a bit painful, I know that’s not the same for every woman, but nonetheless, it’s something I find I have to grit my teeth and endure. This time was much better though, there was a different doctor performing the insemination this time and she was brilliant, she explained the process as she went along and took the time to make it all as comfortable as possible. The doctor also kept me lying down for ten minutes after the procedure which I’ve read leads to better results.

So all in all, the IUI went well. The procedure was stress free and my womb and follicle looked brilliant. I’m certainly feeling better about my chances this month.

The rest of my weekend was fantastic, it was the perfect distraction for me. We headed straight over to a friends house for a small gathering of people celebrating an early Christmas. We ate wonderful food, played lots of board games and watched Christmas films. I didn’t spend any time worrying about whether the IUI process was going to work this month or not, it was really relieving. I’m hoping that the two week wait will go by really quickly now that Christmas is almost upon us.

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